Why is a Well & Septic Inspection important?

The plumbing system will be either a municipal supply or well. Many general home inspectors do not examine the physical components of a well. You might ask if this will be covered in your home inspection.

All pipes that can be visually evaluated are. A professional pluming inspector will note outdated plumbing materials, such as galvanized pipe. Any leaks will be evaluated and reported. The main water shut off is located as well.

During the interior inspection, the inspector will evaluate the flow and function of faucets, the operation of drains and the flush mechanisms of all toilets. Hot and cold configurations will be observed as well.

Most of the elements of a plumbing system lie behind walls and inside floors and ceilings, but a home inspector may be able to uncover clues that reveal the overall condition of a home’s plumbing system.


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